Home Front: Philadelphia

The Cover ImageHome Front: Philadelphia is another short supplement for Torg Eternity. In Torg Eternity, Earth has been invaded by different realities, and much of North America is under the influence of a primitive action reality called The Living Land. The city of Philadelphia, however, is an island of Earth’s old reality, called Core Earth in the game. I wanted to make it into a viable base for a campaign set early in the game’s timeline.

This supplement is, in some ways, a sequel to Day 2: Road to Philadelphia. The player characters (Storm Knights) have made it to Philadelphia, but the Possibility Wars have only just begun, so there is no larger organisation to help them yet. They have to try to help the city, and the refugees who have gathered there, survive.

Part of the book is about the political situation in the city, and how the residents will react to the Storm Knights if they act in certain ways. It also includes small incidents that can be played out to create the sense of desperation (the city is besieged by another reality, which is full of dinosaurs), but also of hope, as people work together. Obviously, if there are too many failures, the sense of hope can start to wither.

The book also includes a short adventure concerned with defending and securing more fuel for the generators that keep the lights on the city. This also gives the Storm Knights the chance to make important allies for the city, or to alienate some of their neighbours. The characters have the opportunity to learn more about what is happening in a world that has changed almost completely around them.

I have ideas for several follow-up adventures, letting a group play out the first three months of the Possibility Wars while based in Philadelphia, before the Delphi Council appears to offer them a more active, and more global, role. However, sales on these products are very low (under 40, so far, for this book), so it is not a high priority. Still, I do have the ideas, so they might get written eventually.






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