Infiniverse Exchange Bundle

The bundle cover imageThe Bundle of Holding, a very good source of digital RPGs at bargain prices, is currently running a bundle for Torg Eternity. I felt that this was a good opportunity to run a bundle of all the products I have written for Torg Eternity, and am selling on the Infiniverse Exchange. So, I have created a bundle at 50% off.

I actually made it yesterday, and I’ve already sold five of it. Five sales of everything (well, apart from the things that purchasers already owned) in a day is much, much faster than normal, so the limited-time special offer appears to be working its marketing magic.

As I have mentioned in previous posts introducing the products I have written for the Infiniverse Exchange, sales on the platform are not very good. That’s only to be expected for unofficial (although properly licensed) supplements for a relatively minor game line. But I keep getting ideas to write for it, so I am trying to boost the sales for the things I have written by using the promotional tools I have available. If I sell twenty bundles over the course of the three weeks, that will count as a stunning success.

Don’t go into RPG writing for the money, people. Or the fame.






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