Spirited Tools

The Cover ImageSpirited Tools is the most recent thing I have written for Torg Eternity on the Infiniverse Exchange.

In Torg Eternity, the rules of reality are different in different areas, and in the Living Land high technology and magic do not work, but there is a very high level of spiritual power. One of the fun things about the game is people from other realities trying to use tools that work perfectly well in the reality they are currently in, but which do not work in their own reality. Things can go wrong in entertaining ways. The problem is that, in the official material, the Living Land has almost no items like that. A lot of realities have technology that is above the level of many characters, and several have magic items in the same situation, but all the official things that draw on the Living Land’s high Spirit axiom are restricted to characters from the Living Land, who thus have the same Spirit axiom. That’s no fun.

The main purpose of this product, then, was to provide Living Land equivalents for high technology and magic items. Things that are maybe slightly unusual in the realm, but which can certainly be used by characters from any reality, with all the potential for entertaining problems that involves.

Its sales have been typical for the Infiniverse Exchange, which means “very low”. As should be obvious, I like the game a lot, and have lots more ideas for things to write, but I need to think seriously about whether it is a sensible use of my time. It is too close to work to count as pure relaxation, but not making enough money to really count as work. This may, unfortunately, be my last product for the Infiniverse Exchange.






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