Feats of Prowess

Feats of Prowess is a supplement for Torg Eternity, available on the Infiniverse Exchange.

This short supplement contains a couple of dozen perks for characters in the game. Perks in Torg Eternity are like feats, or advantages, or merits, in other RPGs. They are special abilities that allow a character to do things that other characters in the game cannot, and they are a good way to make your character distinctive, and develop them to match your vision. Thus, in some ways, more of them is always better. (The downside is choice paralysis, or the existence of more perks that would be ideal for your character than you can plausibly take.) These Perks are not tied to a particular cosm, which means that any character in the game could, in principle, take them.

The Perks are grouped into sets, most of which focus on characters who do not emphasise physical combat. That’s partly because I generally have more interest in such characters, but also because there are a lot of combat-focused perks already, so I don’t think that there is much need for more. For example, there is a set of perks based on the intimidation skill, which allow the character to intimidate more effectively, but also to defend themselves by simply being too scary to hit, or to gather equipment because no-one can tell them “no”. (That perk is called “Uzi 9mm”, and I do expect the target audience to get the reference, even if the film came out before they were born — which is distressingly likely.)

I didn’t have any particularly deep or profound artistic goal with this supplement; it’s just a bunch of things that I wanted to see in the game. There’s nothing wrong with doing that occasionally.






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