Citadel of the Red Sun

Citadel of the Red Sun is a one-act adventure for Torg Eternity, set in the Living Land. A wonder, a fragment of another reality, appears within the Living Land, and the player characters go to investigate it. As this is an adventure, I cannot say a lot about it without getting into spoilers for the plot, so I will hide that part from the front page.

As I may have mentioned before, these projects do not make very much money. They generally make less than I spend on the stock art I use to illustrate them (although Dean Spencer‘s art is really good, so I have no regrets about supporting him). However, I do find it really satisfying to complete the process of making these, and see the final laid-out file. So, that’s one reason for doing this as a hobby.

The spoilery bit about this adventure is that the location for the adventure uses a lot of imagery that is reminiscent of Lovecraftian creatures, such as Cthulhu, but the situation behind them is completely different, and the big treasure that the player characters find if they succeed is far from being a source of blasphemous evil. There is no reason why that aesthetic should be linked with evil, and so it isn’t. It may take the characters some time to realise that, however.







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