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  • Tamao

    Today I am starting online publication of another fantasy novel, Tamao. I am doing this a bit differently from Ice Yearning. Tamao is free to read, and updated in daily installments, with a new piece going online every day at midnight Japan time. Most days, the new material comes to between five and six hundred […]

  • Ice Yearning Chapter Two Up

    The second chapter of Ice Yearning is now online. Yes, that means that the first chapter has been paid for. So far, the money has mainly come from people who know me already, but that’s not really too unexpected at the beginning of a new venture. I do need to broaden the range of people […]

  • New Diary Entry

    I’ve put a new diary entry online.

  • Ice Yearning

    I have written a fantasy novel. After writing a lot of RPG books, this was what I wanted to do next, and a month or so ago I finished. Since then, I’ve had a few people I know read it and make comments, and I’ve made some revisions as a result. (And caught some more […]