Day Trip

Today we went on a family day trip to Atami, a coastal hot spring resort town a couple of hours away by train. This means that I’m even further behind on the diary than I was yesterday, because this is a diary entry sort of thing, with pictures. I’m going to have to deliberately set aside some time to get the diary done.

Anyway, we all had a good time. I don’t know exactly what Mayuki enjoyed, but she was a good girl all day, and got upset when we were home and obviously getting ready to send her to bed. I think she enjoys travel; new things to see, and she gets to spend the whole day with Mummy and Daddy. Yuriko particularly enjoyed seeing a house designed by Bruno Taut, a famous pre-war German architect. (Actually, he only designed one floor of the house, so he mainly designed the interior.) I particularly enjoyed visiting a couple of shrines. Fortunately, we both enjoyed the places the other wanted to see, so there was no boredom involved.

We’re trying to teach Mayuki Baby Sign, because it is apparently good for them to communicate before they can manage to frame words. We’re not very good at remembering to teach her, but today at dinner, when Yuriko tried to convince Mayuki that it was delicious, Mayuki tapped her left cheek with her open hand, which is the sign for “delicious”. I don’t know whether Mayuki knows what it means, since Yuriko frequently uses it about things that Mayuki doesn’t want to eat (which isn’t terribly good strategy, now I come to think of it), but she’s clearly connected the word and the sign.

Anyway, I’ll try to get round to writing the diary entry before I forget everything we did.

I’m Home

I’m back in Japan after two weeks in the UK, which is why the blog hasn’t been updated for a while.

If you see adverts claiming that Heathrow Terminal 5 is working, treat them with scepticism. It is true that they didn’t lose my baggage, and I checked in quickly, but the toilets were being flushed by cleaners with buckets of water due to a water supply problem. They failed to get it fixed in the four hours I was there to wait for my plane. On the other hand, the two hour delay in our departure was due to one of the other passengers falling ill just before take-off, which can’t really be blamed on them. Unless it was food poisoning from inadequately-washed food, I suppose.

We’re Back

We’re back. You may not have noticed that we were away…

One of Yuriko’s friends was getting married in a nice area of Japan (Yamanashi/Nagano, the mountains west of Tokyo), so we took the opportunity to stay a bit longer and have a short holiday. Overall, it was a big success, but I don’t have time to write a diary entry about it right now. I’ll do one in a few days, though.