Torg Eternity

Most of the material I have written for Torg Eternity has been published through the Infiniverse Exchange.

  • Spirited Tools

    Spirited Tools is a supplement for Torg Eternity available on the Infiniverse Exchange. In Torg Eternity, the rules of reality are different in different areas, and in the Living Land high technology and magic do not work, but there is a very high level of spiritual power. One of the fun things about the game […]

  • An Edeinos in Core Earth

    An Edeinos in Core Earth is a small supplement for Torg Eternity, which I published on the Infiniverse Exchange. In the game, earth (called Core Earth) has been invaded by a number of different realities, one of which, called The Living Land, has focused on North America. These realities have their own natives, who are […]

  • Home Front: Philadelphia

    Home Front: Philadelphia is another short supplement for Torg Eternity. In Torg Eternity, Earth has been invaded by different realities, and much of North America is under the influence of a primitive action reality called The Living Land. The city of Philadelphia, however, is an island of Earth’s old reality, called Core Earth in the […]