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So, one of things I couldn’t write about while my access to my blog was broken was our visit to the Ob/Gyn clinic for a check-up on Saturday. I just got to sit there and nod and smile, but Yuriko seems to appreciate me doing that.

We had ultrasound scans done again. The first was a standard 2D ultrasound, but then the doctor did a 3D ultrasound scan. 2D scans are all very well, but they are fuzzy patches of white on a black field. With the aid of the doctor, it is not too hard to work out which bit is which. On the other hand, if the doctor said “This is a radar image of the surface of Titan. Look, you can see the methane lakes”, I might believe him. (“Why is your ultrasound machine connected to Cassini?” would probably come to mind as a question, however.)

The 3D ultrasound scan, however, looks like a baby. It really is a baby picture. We can see Yudetamago’s arms, legs, head, and see how they are positioned. It’s quite remarkable, and looks a lot like the pictures in Watch Me Grow, the book that my Mum bought us. Except, of course, that this is our baby. Yudetamago is not a very distinct individual yet, but by next time we might well be able to see the face properly. (That also depends on the relative positions of baby and camera, however.)

Yudetamago, by the way, is our nickname for the baby. “Yu” is the first character of Yuriko’s name, “de” (the “e” is pronounced) is the first character of mine, and “tamago” means “egg”. “Yudetamago” is also the Japanese for “boiled egg”.

Anyway, the check-up and blood test did not turn up any problems, so we’ll be going back in about a month for the next routine check-up. In the meantime, I’m reading more books about child-rearing.

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