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  • Merry Christmas

    It’s Christmas morning, the sun is shining, and Mt Fuji is visible from the window. This year, Mayuki woke up at 7am, so she’s obviously growing up. She came running to me with her stocking. “Look! Santa left me some chocolate! And a Lego Friends set! Oooh, look! Pocket money! A 500 yen coin! All […]

  • Merry Christmas

    It’s 7:30 on Christmas morning. The sun is shining, the air is clear, Mt Fuji is capped with glistening snow. And Mayuki is still asleep. It’s going to be a good day. Merry Christmas, everyone. (I can’t say “Happy Holidays”, because it isn’t. At least not here.)

  • Vaccination Stories

    Today, Mayuki has to go for her first booster jab for her Japanese encephalitis vaccination. We hadn’t booked it, but there were slots today, so we made a quick appointment. First, however, we had to convince Mayuki that this was a good idea. She remembered last time, so she wasn’t initially enthusiastic, but after Yuriko […]

  • English Practice

    Yesterday at dinner time, Mayuki decided to pretend that I was an American customer who didn’t speak Japanese. She bowed properly to me, and told me about the dinner in English, staying in English when she talked at the table as well. She kept it up for quite a long time before she “went home” […]

  • Mayuki’s Make-up

    Yesterday, I got home rather late (the same as tonight), but Mayuki was still awake (the same as tonight). However, yesterday she was sitting quietly in a corner of the living room, doing something. I started to go to see what it was, but she said “Don’t look!”, so I left her alone. A bit […]

  • Obedience

    I’m off work with flu today (with a direct instruction not to go in), and after spending the morning in bed I’ve just got up for a bit. I think I might go back to bed fairly soon, though. But, since I have a bit of time, I want to write a bit about Mayuki. […]

  • Merry Christmas!

    It’s 8am, and Mayuki is still asleep. There’s no snow on the ground, but looking out of the window I have a beautiful view of the snow on Mt Fuji. In Japan, where almost no-one is a Christian, everyone wishes you a Merry Christmas (but it’s a normal working day). So, Merry Christmas!

  • Visit Tohoku! Aizu

    I’ve been to Tohoku again, this time on a family trip in the middle of July. We spent two nights and three days in the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture. Yes, that is the Fukushima Prefecture that has the broken nuclear power station. However, it’s one of the largest prefectures in Japan, and the Aizu […]

  • A Wedding and The Grand Shrines of Ise

    Last weekend we went on a little trip. One of Yuriko’s cousins was getting married in Gifu (near Nagoya), so we went to that, and then extended the trip a bit to go to Ise and visit the shrines. The wedding was on Sunday, so Yuriko and Mayuki went to Nagoya on Saturday to stay […]

  • Hair Brush

    Mayuki’s hair brush was finally delivered a couple of weeks ago. This isn’t a brush for Mayuki’s hair. It’s a brush made from Mayuki’s hair. These brushes are a Japanese custom. Apparently, many years ago, the best writing brushes were made from the first hair cut from babies. This was because the hair was of […]