Today, it rained all day. Quite heavily. None of this “rain before seven, fine by eleven” rubbish. Now, it is true that we are currently in the middle of rainy season, but that’s not the reason. The reason is typhoon number 4. This is the first major typhoon of this season (which, I think, is a little late), but it’s a really big and strong one, and it’s currently passing over Kyushu. The fact that we are already getting heavy rain is a sign of just how big it is.

The forecast is for it to get here by tomorrow, so we are expecting even more wind and rain tomorrow. The expected rainfall is, apparently, 80mm in the next 24 hours. While this is quite a lot of rain, it won’t be enough to cause any problems beyond making it unpleasant to go out. That’s a shame, because it’s the summer festival at Shirahata Hachiman shrine (our local one) tomorrow, and we’d been hoping to go. Still, it’s hardly a major problem.

Kyushu is in a very different situation. They had heavy rain and major floods a week or so ago, and the ground is still wet. The further rain has thus triggered more flooding, mudslides, and general damage. People have been evacuated from their homes, and I don’t imagine they’ll be able to go back in the immediate future now.






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  1. Holly Sheridan avatar
    Holly Sheridan

    Geez, you British ure do go on about the weather and rain! 🙂 Over here, the sun was up at 7:30 and now just went down at 8:15…not that I’m one to rub it in. Ta!

  2. Holly Sheridan avatar
    Holly Sheridan

    The “ure” is a typo…meant to say “sure.” I must be suffering from sun-stroke.

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