Ultrasound Pictures

We had another trip to the obstetrician today. Fortunately, there don’t seem to be any serious problems. Yuriko just has to get more exercise, and walk quickly. So I should probably go walking with her. This, of course, is to build up her endurance ready for giving birth. The doctor would like her to walk for an hour or two every day, so we’re working on that.

Yuriko isn’t anaemic, but does have to watch it, which is not exactly surprising at this stage of a pregnancy. Yudetamago is right on the average growth curve, at about 1800g, and very lively.

After the regular appointment, we went to a different clinic to try to get a 3D ultrasound video. Unfortunately, this proved to be impossible. It’s a bit too late in the pregnancy, and Yudetamago has her hands crossed in front of her face, and in contact with it. The ultrasound thus cannot make out the difference between arm and face, so when it tries to build up a 3D image… Well, it looked rather like the Predator, without the helmet on. We do have it on video, and it is a strong candidate for the worst photograph that will ever be taken of Yudetamago.

After we got back, I spent the whole evening setting up our new scanner/printer/photocopier, which is now churning away in the corner of the living room as I check that it’s working properly. It certainly seems to be, which is a very good thing. One reason it took so long was that I also had to put together the piece of furniture on which it is currently sitting, and rewire the LAN in the flat a bit. But we can now both use the printer, and Yuriko can use it wireless, and we didn’t have to spent 15,000 yen on a new wireless print hub.

This isn’t actually a change of subject, because one of the things we will use the new machine for is scanning all the ultrasound pictures of Yudetamago.






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