Once More Unto the Clinic, My Friends

We had another obstetrician’s appointment this morning, so we walked over, because Yuriko needs the exercise. One of things she was told during the appointment was that she needed even more exercise, so I will have to encourage her more strongly to get out and walk over the next few weeks. On the whole, things seem to be going fine. Yudetamago is still growing, up to about 2,700g, and still seems healthy. Yuriko is slightly anaemic, so she’s been prescribed strong iron supplements and vitamin C. It’s only slight, though, so we should be OK.

The only issue is that Yudetamago is showing no signs at all of being born, and that’s why Yuriko needs to get more exercise, to encourage Yudetamago to drop, and the cervix to start dilating, or at least loosening up. Of course, an immediate birth would still be a little inconvenient (we’re still waiting for the cot), but we also don’t want it to be too delayed.

As of today, we are in the period within which birth is normal, so it is no longer possible for Yudetamago to be premature. Any time now…






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