Clinically Speaking

Another clinic visit, another chance to spend twenty minutes listening to Yudetamago’s heartbeat (which is fun, especially as she was being lively and moving round), and more blurry ultrasound pictures which we are assured are a face. But no sign that she’s getting ready to be born yet. I think she might need a bit of encouragement, so I’ll start saying things like “You can be born any time now. Next week would be good. Even tomorrow is OK. The exit is down, by the way, so you might want to move a bit in that direction”. After all, until she’s born we have to keep going for check-ups, and that mounts up.

Still, no problems, and the doctor seemed generally positive and happy, which suggests that things are in a reasonably good state overall. I’ll just have to keep driving Yuriko out of the flat to take her walks.






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