Taking to the Bottle

We took Mayuki for another check-up yesterday, and her weight is not climbing quickly enough. It looks like Yuriko’s milk has not come in fully yet. Mayuki’s weight has been going up, so obviously milk has been coming through, but there hasn’t been enough. So, we’re on to supplementing with bottle milk for a little while. Fortunately, we got a free sample of suitable formula from the clinic, and that may, if we’re really lucky, last long enough for Yuriko’s milk to get going properly.

Mayuki is certainly quite enthusiastic about drinking from the bottle, and does seem to be a bit more settled now. Still, she cried quite a lot yesterday evening. It’s a bit unfortunate that, with work starting again, I can’t help Yuriko as much now as I could before, but there’s nothing to be done about that.

So, it looks like Mayuki has to stop being the slender baby she is at the moment, and put some weight on. Baby fat is OK when you are actually a baby…






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