A Routine?

Things seem to be settling into a bit of a routine now. Obviously, it’s still a routine that gets disrupted and moved about by Mayuki’s moods, but even that can become routine. I don’t know when in the evening i’ll have to carry Mayuki around the living room to keep her calm, but I can be pretty sure it will happen. I am trying to give her her bath at a fairly consistent time every day, though.

I’m a bit tired today, so I think the new baby is finally catching up with me. Yuriko also looks a bit tired. I am sure that everyone with experience of having children is deeply surprised.

I think Mayuki may be putting weight on now that she’s on the bottle as well, but it’s a little hard to tell over a couple of days; really, we’ll have to wait to go back to the clinic and see what the results are. She is still lively, and made some new noises this morning. According to Yuriko, she laughed properly yesterday. It’s not clear whether it was a real laugh, but it was all the right sounds.

One odd thing is that she really doesn’t seem to like having her legs covered. If we put anything over them, she kicks and fusses until they’re bare again. I can only assume that this is because she is too hot, or, at least, not too cold. She doesn’t seem to be chilled when I pick her up, so that’s a good sign.






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