Better Not Die, Then…

Today, I got a letter from the life insurance company saying that they wouldn’t insure me. I didn’t know I was that sick. Actually, I suspect I’m not, but the combination of asthma, slightly high cholesterol a year ago, and non-Japanese may have put them off. This means that I can’t get really useful life insurance, because that product was the only one that I could both afford and that would actually cover Yuriko and Mayuki. We’ll have to have a look again at various products, but I suspect that the answers are likely to be the same.

So, I’d better make sure I don’t die.

In better news, one of my students today told me that Mayuki’s name was nice. “It sounds very natural, but it’s rare. I’ve never heard it.” This was exactly the effect we were aiming for, so it’s satisfying to hear that we succeeded. Another student has told me that the meaning is good, too, which is something else we put a lot of thought into.

Mayuki is still being good, and work is still going well, so all in all life is not at all bad at the moment. Just as long as I hold on to it.






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