It’s been a while since I’ve written any blog entries, so I’ll write about Mayuki. I’m sure that some people, at least, are eager to hear more about her.

She has been putting weight on, which is good. When we weighed her at bath time yesterday, she was finally over 4kg. Looking at the graphs we’ve been given, it looks like that puts her just within the band of “normal”, which is good. Given how lively she is, and the absence of persistent inexplicable crying, or indeed any apparent problems, I’m not worried as long as she creeps into that band. We are, however, being careful to ensure that she doesn’t fall out of it.

She’s also started smiling more. Today she very clearly smiled at me several times, looking straight at me and grinning. She also quickly, and clearly, changed her expression from slightly moody to happy when I appeared, which suggests that it’s a real smile. She’ll even engage in conversation with me, although her only “words” at the moment are variants on “aaaoooo”. It’s interesting, but she doesn’t tend to say much when I speak English to her, but if I say “aaah” to her, she will often join in. So I do both. I’m also trying individual syllables (mainly “Da Da Da”, granted), to see if she will try to copy those. I’m sure it’s too early for her to manage it yet, but it can’t hurt.

She is also showing clear signs of being female. When I told her that she was beautiful and would grow up to be a beautiful woman, she started grinning all over her face. She clearly understands English already.






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