Mayuki’s Literary Leanings

Following on from her “googoo” experience, Mayuki has, once again, proved that there are certain things she has only ever seen written down. Today, sneezing, she managed to actually say “Aachooo!”. She is clearly practising to be a baby in a book.

We are also having fairly long conversations. These are a little limited, as she is still not very confident about her consonants, or indeed about vowel sounds other than “aaa” and “ooo”, but I make other sounds as well to encourage her. The key thing now is that she will nicely take turns, making a noise, then waiting for me to make a noise, and then making another noise when I stop. It’s impossible to be sure at this age, but I wonder whether she’s playing at talking, like Mummy and Daddy.

The alternative is that we are actually having conversations in the universal language of babies, and that Mayuki will come back to me in a couple of years saying “But you promised me a pony”.






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