Mayuki is clearly the most brilliantest baby in the whole wide world ever. Why, only this evening I spent about five minutes discussing world politics with her, and she contributed fully to the conversation.

“So, what do you think about the Annapolis summit?”


“That’s a little harsh, don’t you think. Abbas still has some authority to negotiate for the Palestinians.”


“Well, you might be right. So what should we do next?”


The important point is that she takes her turns properly. She waits until I finish speaking before making her contribution, and then stops and waits for me to speak. Also, over the last couple of days, she’s become more responsive if I talk to her properly rather than imitate her noises. She also does try to imitate sounds I make, but she’s still not very good at it. Practice makes perfect, though.

In addition, last night she managed to roll halfway over after her bath, and she’s pretty much holding her head up properly. Not quite if you pick her up from lying down, but once she’s vertical she can support it and look around perfectly well.

I had a look in the Paranoid Parents’ Primer with Yuriko this evening, and it looks like she’s right on schedule. Of the list of things she should be doing by four months, she’s doing all but a couple; she’s not very active at reaching out to grab things with her hands yet, although she has started trying to suck them. Given that she’s still got about six weeks to go, I’m reasonably confident that she’ll complete the list by then. She’s also getting close to sleeping through the night, which is also, apparently, something that she should be doing from about three months. (Although not all babies do that. As I have been reliably informed on many, many, many occasions.)

And she’s very clearly smiling at us, lots.






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