First Words

When seen through the eyes of a doting father, naturally.

Today, during dinner, I was talking to Mayuki while I ate. Her eyes are clearly getting better, as she was watching me from some distance away as she sat in the bouncer, and reacted to my words. She reacted by saying “Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh”, which is a new noise. She’s making new noises every day at the moment, with a wider range of vowels and even a few consonants.

But the really good bit was yesterday. I was talking to her between lessons, and I said,

“Aren’t you a really clever girl, Mayuki? You can talk really well, can’t you?”


The sound she made was very close to “yes”. It’s something I say to her quite a lot — “This is fun, yes it is. Aren’t you sweet, yes you are”, and similar parental drivel — so she may in fact have been imitating the word, and just hit on a very appropriate moment at which to do it.

Still, like the early “maybe that’s a smile” expressions, it won’t be long before we can say that the noises are definitely supposed to be responses to what we have said; the smiles are certainly real now, after all.






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