Looking at Flats

Today, all three of us went to look at a flat. Yuriko and Mayuki went yesterday, but I was feeling very tired, so I stayed at home. I’m feeling much better today (probably because I took yesterday easy), so I went back with them; Yuriko wanted to look again.

The flats are a new block on top of a hill very close to where we live now. One of the flats (the biggest and most expensive) is on the fourth floor (UK), and has an even bigger roof balcony than our current place. It also has a Japanese-style room that looks out over the trees of one of the local temples. Right now, the trees are all turning, so the view was really, really nice. Actually, the whole flat was very nice, with space for a room for Mayuki as well as an office for me, and then we could still use the Japanese room for guests.

The only problem was that we’re at least 30,000,000 yen short of being able to afford it. So I guess we’re going to have to save up for a while. We will need to move in a few years, because this flat isn’t big enough to have a room for Mayuki, and as she grows up, she is going to want one.

Talking of Mayuki growing up, she is continuing to do so. She’s now over five kilograms, and about 58cm long. She can’t stand up yet (obviously…), so “tall” isn’t really appropriate. However, she is practising her standing, with lots of support from me (I hold her up, and she pushes her feet on the ground), and she is making determined efforts to sit up. She can’t quite manage it yet, but she can definitely support her head in most positions now. When I put her down on her stomach, she pushes up with her hands, and gets her head all the way up to look forwards. She then tries to roll over onto her back, but she can’t quite manage that yet, either. Still, that should come quite soon.

I feel that she’s becoming more vocal as time goes on, although she does seem to enjoy just smiling at us, as well as talking. Sometimes she replies to us when we talk to her, but not always. For example, she is usually quiet in the bath, although she smiles at me a lot, but as soon as I take her out and start drying her, she starts talking to me. I think, perhaps, she is more communicative when lying on her back, or something close to that position (she chats in the bouncer), and less so in other positions. Maybe she feels she needs to think about her body more at those times, and doesn’t have any brainpower left for chatting.

I was able to spend quite a bit of time playing with her today; I’m looking forward to her growing up a bit, so that we can play more actively.






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