Four Month Check-up

Yesterday, Mayuki had her three/four month checkup. These are run by the city ward, so they are free, and happen once a week. This week was a bit busy, due to the New Year holiday, so Yuriko thinks that there were about 50 or 60 babies there, but Mayuki was the cutest. Of course, I suspect a lot of other mothers thought that their baby was the cutest…

The upshot was that Mayuki is completely healthy, with nothing to worry about. She’s relatively small, but normal, and all her development seems to be proceeding normally. Indeed, this morning, after Yuriko put the small wooden bear toys back on her bouncer, Mayuki played with them for the first time. She is still not very good at reaching for them, but she was clearly doing it, and deliberately pushing them, looking at them and concentrating hard on what she was doing.

She’s growing up…






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