Bath Time

As I have mentioned before, Mayuki really likes her bath time. When Yuriko brings her to the bathroom, she smiles and laughs, although she does frown a bit when I undress her, doubtless because it’s a bit chilly at the moment. She almost never cries, though.

Once I get her into the bath itself, she starts smiling again. Over the last week or so, she’s started talking to me while she has her bath. Before that, she was generally very quiet while in the water, and more chatty afterwards. Now she’s chatty all the time. Actually, in the bath she tends to coo, and outside she tends to be more vociferous.

One odd thing is that she really likes having her cheeks washed. While I’m doing that, she smiles and chuckles; yesterday she outright laughed. Of course, she likes it less if I get soap in her eyes, but that’s more likely to happen while I wash her forehead. (When it does, I just rinse her eyes, and she soon stops crying and gets on with enjoying the bath — most of the time. Sometimes she wasn’t in a very good mood to start with, and that pushes her over the edge.) She also likes having her chest and stomach washed, but not as much as her cheeks.

By this point she’s normally getting a bit restless; perhaps she’s bored with being in the bath. To wash her back, however, I support her with my right hand under her chest, and hold her out of the water while I soap her up. As she gets more squirmy, this is going to become too risky, but I can still keep her under control at the moment. There are definite advantages to having large hands.

Once she’s out of the bath and dressed, we have a look at the clean baby in the mirror. She’s become much more interested in this recently, smiling and reaching out. I don’t know whether she realises it’s her yet, but probably not. I tell her it’s her, but I somehow doubt that she understands that, either. Then I hand her over to her mother to have her hair brushed, while I tidy up.

It’s normally the last thing I do before I go to bed, and Yuriko tries to get Mayuki off to sleep soon afterwards, so it makes a nice end to the day.






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