Mayuki Miscellany

A few of the brilliant things that Mayuki has been up to recently, apart from complaining loudly when at least one of us won’t come to play with her. Oh, she’s doing it again; Yuriko must be cooking.

A couple of days ago she was playing with Yuriko, sitting in her lap and looking at the computer, and I was standing behind her. Every time I said something, Mayuki looked up and back, and smiled at me. So no doubts about her ability to hear and locate sounds, which is good. I’m also pretty sure that she imitates the sounds I make when I talk to her. It’s not always completely clear, but getting there.

We’ve also changed the bathing strategy, as of a couple of days ago. Balancing Mayuki on one hand while I washed her back was getting a bit dangerous, so I’ve started getting in the bath with her, and holding her against my chest while I wash her back. She seems to like this; getting her used to the big bath first was clearly a good move. She’s also discovered that she can grab me, so I had Yuriko cut her (Mayuki’s) fingernails today. Hopefully tonight’s bath will be a little less painful for me. Mayuki isn’t quite up to playing in the bath yet (well, beyond trying pull chunks of flesh from my chest with her bare hands), but I don’t think it will be long before she is.

Oh yes, a couple of days ago one of Yuriko’s friends came round to visit, and told us that Mayuki is very cute. We know this, of course, but it’s always nice to have it confirmed by entirely neutral and unbiased third parties, who can tell us the unvarnished truth without any fear of repercussions. Having our friends say it is good, too.

Mayuki likes songs with actions, and stares at our hands as we do the actions. Sometimes she makes motions that might be the beginning of an imitation, but only the beginning. She seems to be becoming more aware of her own hands at the moment. She’s not tried singing along yet; maybe that will come soon.

Very miscellaneous, I fear.






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