Another Long Gap

Sorry about that, I’ve been busy with work. On the bright side, I’ve now got most of my work up to the point I wanted it to be; I’ve caught up with all the editing that was left over from last year, and dealt with what arrived this year, and got my reading up to the right level. Teaching is also going pretty well; at least, I’ve not let it slide to any extent. Writing has been rather neglected, but with everything else caught up I’m planning to get on with that from next week.

The people who are bothered about me not posting probably want to know how Mayuki is. She’s fine, still a happy, healthy baby. She’s grabbing things around her much more than she was a little while ago, and we’ve had to start being careful where we put her down; she is capable of pulling things over on top of herself, now. If we leave her on her back on the floor, she can scoot herself along, although I don’t know whether that’s deliberate, or just a side effect. She’s also looked to see where we’re pointing on a couple of occasions.

The most interesting reaching out she did was for her own image in the mirror, a couple of days ago. I don’t think she quite realises that it’s her, but that will come in time. Particularly if she keeps trying to play with it.

I’ll try not to neglect the blog quite so much next week, but I suspect I’m still going to be busy. I have to start catching up on writing, after all.







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