Computer Irritations

Yesterday was a national holiday, so a couple of Yuriko’s friends from work came round, to see Mayuki and Mayuki’s Hina dolls. One of them brought her daughter, who is a couple of months older than Mayuki. It gives us some idea of what Mayuki will be like in April. While they were there, I took a bit of video of the two babies together. The other one kept trying to hit Mayuki, clearly not working out that she wasn’t just another toy, so we have video of her mother holding her back.

Except that I can’t watch it.

A recent update to QuickTime broke the plugin that allows me to view the video, so, although I have the files, I can’t actually play them. I have to wait for JVC to produce an updated plugin that I can download and use. Fortunately, if that takes too long, I think I can install another copy of MacOS X on another partition on my hard drive, leave that at the old version of QuickTime, and use it to convert all the files to something that I can play on the main system. However, that would be a hassle, and messing about with partitions on an active system is always prone to causing issues (it’s something you do after backing everything up), so I’m going to wait a bit for JVC to get its act together first.

Rather irritating.






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