Mood Swings

OK, so “mood swings” may be a bit over the top, but there have been very noticeable changes in Mayuki’s mood over the last few days. From Wednesday to Friday she was in a bad mood, not sleeping during the day, complaining when left alone, and even complaining when we were there are playing with her. Still smiles in among them, but much more complaining than normal.

From yesterday, however, she’s been smiley and happy, playing by herself and with us, waving the rabbit with a bell in that Yuriko’s parents gave her, and, in the bath last night, laughing and playing after I’d finished washing her.

Naturally, we have no idea at all what might have caused the change; there’s nothing obviously different in her physical appearance, and she isn’t even sleeping much more in the day. We did wonder whether her BCG injection was irritating her; it’s at the red and crusty stage. But it’s still at that stage now, and she’s being happy again. My non-testable hypothesis is that it’s due to her mental development. Over the last few days, she became able to notice and respond to something to which she’d previously been oblivious, and it made her nervous and unsettled. Now, either she’s got used to it, or her brain has developed a bit more, and it’s no longer bothering her.

Either way, she was very good during the video chat with the USA this morning, smiling and making noises, and waving her limbs around; doing all the typical baby things, in fact. One of Yuriko’s friends is visiting this afternoon; I hope she’s going to be equally friendly then.






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