Busy With Work

Sorry about not keeping the blog up to date; work has been busy. Actually, what’s happened is that I’ve had a bad couple of days for getting writing done, so work has piled up. Today I finally got a decent amount written, but I think I’m going to have to work over the weekend anyway. The fact that I’ve had to do my income tax and now need to get my passport renewed is not helping; I’m losing a day or so every week to that sort of administration. Still, at least that should be over relatively soon.

Mayuki is fine. She’s still healthy and smiley, and generally seems to enjoy her bath. She’s getting better at reaching out and grabbing things, and is showing an intense interest in her books. She even turns the pages herself. She’s sleeping a lot less during the day on average, and isn’t waking up too many times during the night. She practices making strange noises a lot, which is also good. In short, everything seems to be going fine. She doesn’t roll over yet, so that’s a bit later than average, but nothing to be concerned about. Yuriko seems to be fine, too. In fact, I seem to be the one in the worst way, what with work pressures. And since I’m not that bad, I’d say the whole family is doing well.







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