We’ve started the long process of weaning Mayuki. We actually tried to start it a couple of days ago, but she looked at the spoon in deep suspicion and refused to open her mouth, so we didn’t actually get anywhere. We did, however, capture the whole thing on video, as the first genuine attempt to feed her proper food.

Today, Mayuki opened her mouth, and let us put the food in. As is traditional in Japan, we’re starting with very thin rice gruel. It’s made with ten parts of water to one part of rice, so “solid food” is not a good description. So, we got this whitish liquid into her mouth, and the first time we think she may have actually swallowed it. An attempt to repeat the performance, however, got Mayuki to spit rice gruel all over her front. And then she got an expression on her face that said “what is this foul stuff I’m being forced to eat?”, so we decided to take another break. We’ll keep trying, building up slowly.

Mayuki slept a lot of this afternoon, which was good because we were sorting out the remaining boxes in the cupboard in the office. We need to clear space so that we can put Mayuki’s Hina Matsuri dolls away after the festival (which is tomorrow), so that took a few hours. I don’t know whether we’d really have been able to do it had she been awake and complaining, but as it was, it all went very smoothly.






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