Sitting Up and Eating

Mayuki has reached the point of sitting up by herself. She still falls over after a while, and supports herself with her hands a lot, but she can sit up. She can even sit up from lying on her back, although she doesn’t do that very often. And then, while lying on her back, she can push herself around backwards fairly quickly. On her front, she’s trying to crawl, getting her legs under her, but she can’t quite get there yet. She can hold the upper half of her body well off the ground for quite a while, though.

Put all this together, and it’s clear that she’s going to be mobile in the near future. The days of being able to leave her somewhere and know that she’ll still be there when you come back will soon be over. That will complicate things, obviously. We can’t make the whole flat safe for her to wander around, so we’ll either need a playpen or constant watching.

On the upside, it should make playing with her more fun.

She’s also started trying to feed herself. That means taking the spoon with food in off Yuriko, and putting it in her own mouth. The food does seem to get swallowed, although obviously some of it ends up on her face, hands, and in her hair. We also tried her with a baby cup yesterday, which she happily held in both hands and put in her mouth. It had baby barley tea in, and although she drank some of it, she was making a very funny face. I don’t think she’s quite used to it yet.

Oh yes, she’s practising shouting again at the moment. At least she’s going to sleep quickly when she’s supposed to. For now.






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  1. Sheila avatar

    Pushing up with her arms sounds like the cobra asana … she’s doing baby yoga!

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