Seven Month Medical

Mayuki had her seven month medical today. This also included her second DPT jab, and apparently she cried a lot at that. She’s about 65cm long, and weighs a bit over 7kg, both of which are within the normal range. The fact that she still isn’t rolling over is a bit unusual, but nothing to worry about, apparently. Since she’s sitting up and reaching for things, I guess there’s no problem with her general muscle development, so maybe she just doesn’t feel like rolling over.

Although her weaning is not progressing as quickly as some, it’s still OK. The doctor suggested that we force feed her a bit more. Or, at least, be more positive about getting her to eat. She’s not generally violently opposed to eating, she just seems to lose interest. So if we try harder, she might eat more, and maybe move up to two meals per day.

The next check-up is at ten months. Lots of excitement before that.






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