They’re Back!

Yuriko and Mayuki came back from Nagoya yesterday, and I went to meet them at the Shinkansen station, Shin-Yokohama. There’s an express bus from Mizonokuchi station, which is faster, more convenient, and possibly also cheaper than getting the trains from the same place. The only disadvantage is that there aren’t as many buses as there are trains, so it needs a bit more planning.

It was very nice to see Mayuki again. (It was quite nice to see Yuriko again, as well.) Mayuki has made progress even in the one week she was away. Most obviously, she has worked out how to clap. Before she went, she was very good at banging on the tray table attached to her high chair, but banging her hands into each other seemed to be beyond her. Now, however, she claps enthusiastically whenever we do, and even does so quite spontaneously.

She’s also started waving. At the moment she seems to do it completely at random, but at least she’s doing it. Yuriko says that she’s also rolling over more often, but she still doesn’t seem to be particularly enamoured of doing that. Maybe she just doesn’t like it.

Today was the last class in Yuriko’s first kimono course, so I was looking after Mayuki for most of the day. She was a good girl pretty much all day, although it’s been hot and sticky, and I think that affected her appetite; she wasn’t drinking as much as normal. She only slept for the normal length of time, though, and seems quite lively, so I don’t think the weather has affected her too much.

It’s great to have them back.






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