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We’re going to the UK this summer, so we need to sort out passports. I renewed mine back in February, because it expired in May, and at that point picked up the forms and instructions to get Mayuki’s UK passport. Most of it was easy, relying on documents we already had around. We just had to get the photos.

Now, Mayuki is actually comparatively easy to photograph. She likes cameras, and looks at them quite a bit. Doing it in a booth would be difficult, but getting them taken at a studio should be straightforward.

The first time Yuriko went, she just got them taken according to Japanese rules. With a blue background. Fine in Japan, but no good for the UK.

The second time, she looked at the UK rules, but didn’t take them with her, and so missed the fact that there must be nothing printed on the back of the photos, not even the name of the photo paper manufacturer. Another useless set.

The third time, she took the rules with her, went over them carefully with the photographer, and got a set that looked fine. I had my university professor student endorse the back, and, this morning, went to the British Embassy website to check on the current yen price for a passport.

They’ve changed the rules for photographs. White backgrounds are now unacceptable. We have to get another set taken.

At this rate, she’ll be going to the UK on her Japanese passport (which was no problem, incidentally, and is just waiting to be picked up).






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