Crawling and Calling

Mayuki has started crawling. Her first definite crawl was the day before yesterday, so she’s still not very quick, but she can definitely move in a clear direction, to get to the phone so that she can play with it. She really likes our phone. It beeps when you press the buttons, and if you press the right buttons, it talks to you. Yesterday, she managed to call the automated weather forecast. Not quite sure how she managed that, but it was her first phone call.

Talking of calling, she called me yesterday as well. She was playing in the living room, while I was working in my office. The office door wasn’t quite closed all the way, and Mayuki crawled to a point where she could see me.

She then called out “Dada”, two or three times, and crawled towards the door, trying to push it open when she got there.

She only says “mamamama” when she’s crying and wants something.

Of course, before I get too confident that she likes me better, we have to consider bedtime. Last night, as soon as I picked her up, wearing my pyjamas, she started screaming and crying, and strying to push herself away from me, with her arms and legs both pushing hard against my chest. When I put her sitting on the bed, she started trying to crawl off it, but didn’t stop crying. In the end, I had to take her to Yuriko, whereupon she promptly went quiet, and then fell asleep while being fed.

We can only conclude that Mayuki prefers Mummy and Daddy at different times.






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