9/10 Month Checkup

It’s been so long since I wrote a blog post that the software asked me for my password. Sorry about that.

Anyway, Mayuki had her 9/10 month checkup yesterday, and she’s fine. (I couldn’t go, because I had to work, so I have to rely on what Yuriko told me.) Her weight is still under eight kilograms, but the doctor said that’s no problem; we should think of it as respect for her parents. I certainly appreciate it.

The night before, we went through the questions in the Mother-Child Record Book, to check various bits of development.

“Can she crawl?” Yes!

“Can she hold onto things and stand up?” Yes!

“Can she pick up small things between finger and thumb?”

Hmm… We try to keep small things out of reach to reduce choking risk. Time to check. We got a small thing and put it in front of her, attempting to convince her that it was really interesting, and she wanted to pick it up. She looked at us like we were mad for a little while, and then reached out and smoothly picked it up with her finger and thumb. So she passed the first exam of her life with flying colours.

Mayuki is such a good baby that we had trouble thinking of things to ask the doctor, when Yuriko was trying to prepare questions.

“What about the fact that she cries at bedtime?”

“All babies do that, Yuriko.”

“Hmm, yes. Well, she’s stopped trying to crawl away when I change her nappy. Maybe I should ask about that?”

“You’re really desperate now. Mayuki’s just being cooperative.”

“OK, what about the trip to the UK?”

“I suppose that’s fine. I can’t see any problem, though.”

And, indeed, as the UK is an advanced country, there should be no problem. We can buy baby food and formula milk there without worrying.

I hope Mayuki will continue to be as good as this for at least a few more years…






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