Mayuki Update

I’m still busy trying to catch up from the holidays, but I’m slowly getting there. I might actually be caught up by the end of next week, although I’ll have to work again this weekend. While that means that I still don’t have time to write up proper diary entries, I do at least have a chance to write a bit about Mayuki.

While she seems to be fine at the moment, she’s been to the doctor a lot this week. This started on Tuesday, when we went to the park. Despite the anti-insect patches stuck on her clothes, Mayuki was bitten on the back of her ankle. On Wednesday morning, the bite was swollen, red, and weeping clear fluid. Mayuki didn’t seem in the least bothered, or even to notice, but we certainly did. Yuriko popped out to the doctor with her. The diagnosis was that it was just a rather deep insect bite, so other than putting a bandage on and providing some cream, there was no need for lots of treatment. He did say to go back the following day, though. We did discover that all the treatment, including the medicines, is free, so that’s good.

That was her first non-routine (standard check-up, immunisation) visit to a doctor since she was born. Over a year isn’t bad going, really.

Her second was on Wednesday evening. She suddenly developed a fever, and we were concerned that it might be connected to the insect bite, since infections do produce fevers. So, off to the doctor again, albeit a different doctor this time. Her fever got as high as 39, although she didn’t seem particularly bothered by it. The doctor said it was either a response to her measles/rubella jab, or a disease that is apparently called Roseola infantum, where babies around one year old suddenly get a high fever for three or four days, followed by a red rash. There wasn’t a lot of necessary treatment for this, either, and it wasn’t connected to the bite, but he said to come back in a couple of days unless the fever got bad and Mayuki seemed to be suffering on Thursday.

On Thursday, Mayuki had no sign of a fever, and was playing perfectly happily, so we didn’t bother with an extra trip. Yuriko did take her to the first doctor, and confirm that the bite was behaving itself properly.

On Friday, Mayuki developed a slight fever again, but the doctor confirmed that it definitely wasn’t Roseola infantum. In fact, the streaming nose, sneezing, and occasional coughs enabled Yuriko and I to anticipate the doctor’s diagnosis: Mayuki had a cold. She still does today, in fact, although it doesn’t seem to be slowing her down much.

In fact, today she was standing up with both hands on the top of her bucket of Duplo bricks. This was only remarkable because the bottom of the bucket was a good ten centimetres off the floor. She stayed standing there for a few seconds, and then just put the bucket down in a new place so she could continue playing. While she has been standing by herself quite a lot recently, apparently when she gets distracted by what she’s doing and doesn’t realise that she isn’t holding on any more, this is the first time we’ve seen her doing it while holding something substantial; the bucket is about half her size (although a lot less than half her weight, obviously).

The first step really can’t be far in the future now, although she seems to prefer holding on to my or Yuriko’s hands. We might have to trick her into doing it…






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