Busy Lives

I’ve not had time to get the diary caught up yet, even though there’s only one entry to go, because I’ve had to do lots of work. Yuriko has been busy as well.

On Tuesday she went to the Taira Children’s Culture Centre for a talk on food for babies from one to two, which was very useful, particularly in convincing her that she didn’t need to panic about Mayuki. Yesterday, she went to the Sugao Child Raising Support Centre for a talk on picture books. She says they were very good, although most of them were for children aged two and a half and up. It is certainly true that Mayuki doesn’t seem to fully appreciate books yet, much as she enjoys looking through them. There is, apparently, a library of such books in the Sugao Children’s Culture Centre.

All of these centres are funded by Kawasaki City, and thus free to use. There is a serious shortage of nursery places in Kawasaki, due in large part, I suspect, to the relatively high number of both children and working parents, but the rest of the child support system seems to be in very good shape.

Today, Yuriko took Mayuki to Ikea, along with Mayuki’s half-English friend and her mother. I’ve not heard the full account of what they did yet, because Yuriko is currently making dinner in the hope that I can eat before I have to teach at half past seven. It’s getting a bit tight…







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