Mayuki’s Modelling Debut

Mayuki’s debut work as a model has now been released. Unfortunately for most readers of this blog, it’s only available in Japan, and even here it can’t be purchased. However, you can see some of the pictures from the shoots for it; Yuriko’s friend Sonoe took them, and there are some pictures on her blog.

As you can probably tell from the top picture on the blog, the photos were to advertise a camera. The camera is a single lens reflex camera aimed at ordinary mothers, and as part of the campaign Pentax decided to create a sample album, with baby pictures in, to display next to the camera in shops, showing off what it can do. They asked Sonoe to take the photographs, and, having seen the earlier photos on Sonoe’s blog, asked Mayuki to be the model.

We had to think about it a bit before agreeing, but since Sonoe is a friend of Yuriko’s, and had photographed Mayuki before, and Pentax is hardly an obscure, dubious company, we did decide to do it. In the end, it took several days, with several hours per day, to gather the necessary photographs, and we had to make sure that we didn’t push her too hard. Usually, this was easy to tell; once she stopped being cheerful and smiley-faced, it was time for a bit of a break. Of course, while she was being cheerful, smiley-faced, and banging a spoon hard on the restaurant’s plates, it was us who felt like we needed a break. (She objected quite strongly when we took the spoon away, and tried to find a new instrument…)

Pentax paid for some new clothes for Mayuki for the shoot, nice ones, and for the various meals involved, but the main benefit we get is copies of the publicity album, and the original digital photographs. Lots and lots of photographs of Mayuki, free! OK, so that wouldn’t make for a very professional relationship, but then Mayuki isn’t a professional model…






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