All By Myself

I’m all alone at the moment. Yuriko and Mayuki have gone off to Nagoya for a week or so, so that Mayuki can spend some time with her grandparents (and vice versa). Yuriko is hoping to take advantage of baby-sitting services to get a few things done, as well. So I get left all on my lonesome.

Of course, this isn’t all bad, by any means. I slept all last night without being kicked in the head once, for example, something I’ve not managed for quite a while. I’m not interrupted while I’m working by complaining shouts from the next room. All the getting up things take one hour rather than two, because I don’t have to get a baby up as well. I’m sure that I’ll enjoy the break in a lot of ways.

I’m also sure that by the end, I’ll really be looking forward to them getting back.






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