Mayuki’s Modelling Debut (Part II)

Today I was in Shibuya, enjoying a day off by myself, and I just happened to pop in to a large electrical goods shop and wander over to their digital camera section. Fortunately, they did have Mayuki’s album on display with the camera. So, I’ve had a look at it in a shop. I took a couple of photos of the display, to record it for posterity.

In addition, Pentax have put most of the pictures up online. To see the pictures, click on the silver-grey button under the picture of the album. I think you probably need to have Flash working, but that’s not a problem for most people these days.






2 responses to “Mayuki’s Modelling Debut (Part II)”

  1. Sheila avatar

    I’ve got Firefox with Shockwave Flash plugin but, sadly, all I get when I click the big silver button is jpeg. I’ll try and find the solution when I get a bit of spare time to tinker.

  2. Carin avatar

    Clicked straight on to it. Lovely pictures! Tell Yuriko that she looks great in them. I’m printing them off for pride of place (on the fridge).
    David got your birthday card this morning-thank you. Sadly he’s had to go to Pontefract on a no-hoper this morning. It’d better crack…

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