I suppose I could use our illness as an excuse for not updating the blog in ages. Actually, the more I think about it, the better an idea that seems, so let’s do it.

I haven’t been able to update the blog because we’ve been ill. Please ignore the daily updates to the Japanese blog.

Anyway, we have been ill. It started on Thursday. Yuriko went out to meet one of her friends during the day, but after she got back she started feeling really bad, and threw up several times. She was feeling rather better, although still not 100%, on Friday, so we put it down to mild food poisoning.

After I threw up three times on Saturday night, we revised that hypothesis. I wasn’t as bad as Yuriko, but I still spent most of Sunday in bed. Mayuki also threw up during the day on Sunday, all over the new Pingu pyjamas that she’d inherited from Yuriko’s friend’s son, but apart from that she was lively, so we assumed that we’d all be OK soon.

Indeed, yesterday Yuriko went to her kimono class as normal, and during the day Mayuki seemed to be fine. Her appetite was a bit lower than normal, and we didn’t go out any further than the convenience store, but she was playing in her normal way. After Yuriko got home and I was practising the piece I agreed to play with one of my students at her school Christmas party (she’s an English teacher, and I’m a meta-English teacher), Mayuki wanted to join in, which wasn’t great for concentration. On the other hand, there will be small children at the party, so it’s probably good training.

However, at dinner, even though she enthusiastically ate rice and seaweed (she really likes seaweed), she soon threw it back up. Her bib neatly caught all of it, and it was very fast, so we thought she’d probably just eaten too fast. Nevertheless, we didn’t give her any more solid food, but did feed her more milk, to try to keep water and nutrition levels up.

Again, she was fine afterwards. She went to bed with Yuriko before nine, and I joined them at about ten after washing up.

At eleven, Mayuki threw up lots. Fortunately, we were both there to make sure nothing serious happened, and we’d put towels under her before putting her to bed, but Mayuki was very upset. Yuriko had to cuddle her for a long time, and when we tried to swap Mayuki cried and reached for Yuriko, so I couldn’t help with that. Instead, I changed the bed. Thanks to the towels, only the sheets and one pillow were dirty, so it was just a case of stripping everything off and remaking. Within an hour, we were all back in bed, and asleep, and Mayuki then slept through (basically), and is still asleep now, at 8am. So is Yuriko; I’ve put the sheets through the wash, so they should be ready for hanging out soon.

We were planning to do our Christmas shopping today. The original plan was Sunday, which was cancelled due to Mayuki and me being ill. Then, by chance, I don’t have any lessons today, so we moved it forward. But now we can’t do it today, either. There isn’t another chance before Christmas, so we’ll probably have to do it after Christmas now. Maybe I can do a bit on Amazon.

Yuriko and Mayuki will probably go to the doctor today, but since this bug seems to be going around we don’t expect much beyond “it’s that bug that’s going around”, so I probably won’t go; I’ll stay here and work. I hope Mayuki is lively and happy again when she wakes up, though.






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