Mayuki Update

Mayuki still wasn’t lively when she woke up yesterday, so Yuriko took her to the doctor. While there, she (Mayuki) threw up twice more, and the doctor diagnosed her with “vomiting and diarrhoea syndrome”. Well, yes…

Anyway, he also provided treatment guidelines, which do seem to have worked. She hasn’t thrown up again, and she slept through most of the night, and is still asleep now. On the other hand, the guidelines involved strictly limiting the amount that Mayuki drank at any one time, so we had a very complainy Mayuki on several occasions. I tried to explain to her that she couldn’t have more, or she’d be sick, and she didn’t like that, but I don’t think she fully understood.

I’m still not fully recovered, either, being on low appetite and apparently also starting a cold. Fortunately, Yuriko does seem to be basically recovered, so at least there’s one healthy person in the household.






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