Getting Better

Mayuki seems to be getting better. Yesterday, she wasn’t at all lively when she woke up, but she quickly perked up, and by the end of the day she was more or less her old self. She refused to eat any of Yuriko’s udon at lunch time, but happily ate my spaghetti, while at dinner she didn’t want to eat anything solid. Maybe she just wasn’t impressed with what was on offer.

She also answered to her name, when called in Japanese. She put her hand up, and said “hai” (“yes”), and then smiled and applauded when we did. She really is right on the verge of starting to talk now.






5 responses to “Getting Better”

  1. joy avatar

    AHHHH….our poor little Mayuki….. It’s always scary when our little ones take ill. Tell Mayuki that her cousin John is ill too! And Aunty Holly is ill too!!!
    I hope she is better today….. Which is tomorrow, your time.

  2. Sheila avatar

    So glad to hear that Mayuki is getting better, and I hope her parents are too. I am puzzled about how calling “Mayuki” differs depending on whether one is aiming for Japanese or English.

  3. David Chart avatar
    David Chart

    Joy: Sorry to hear about Holly and John. I hope they get better quickly. Progress continues here.

    Sheila: It’s like school, so you call out full name. “Chart Mayuki” is Japanese, “Mayuki Chart” is English.

  4. Holly Sheridan avatar
    Holly Sheridan

    For the sake of her parents (and of course for the little muffin herself) I’m happy to hear that Mayuki is feeling better. Her cousin John-John had the stomach ‘flu about two weeks ago…pure hell for both of us. Then this week we both got a cold and now I’ve been struck down with the plague…I mean bronchitis. John is feeling better though. It’s pretty pathetic when babies are sick.

  5. David Chart avatar
    David Chart

    Holly: Ugh. That does sound unpleasant. I hope your bronchitis gets better quickly. Fortunately, Mayuki seems to be back to her normal self today.

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