Today we went on a family day trip to Fukagawa, a region of eastern Tokyo in the old working-class areas, the so-called Shitamachi. (Literally, “down town”, but that’s an appallingly bad translation.) The weather was relatively kind to us, and I took quite a few photographs. I even got Yuriko to take some so that we have a few of Mayuki.

We had a really good time, with quite a range of places to visit. However, since I have photographs, this ought to become a diary entry. I’ll add it to the list of things I really have to write up soon.



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  1. joy avatar

    Today is 8/2/09(your time)…. last blog entry was 3 weeks ago…you have always been busy with your writing, so that is not an excuse. FATHERHOOD changes you, though. You just can’t help it!!! I would rather look into Mayuki’s sweet eyes too, then update a blog!!! Good to see your priorities are in the right place!!!! Sometimes it is nice to hear you are doing a great job, (in this case read)…. you are a great father, David Chart. (mush, mush!)

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