Too Busy

As people have noticed, it’s a very long time since I wrote anything here. I’ve been too busy; as well as teaching and editing, I’ve been keeping Tamao going and writing a Japanese blog entry every day. So this has got squeezed out, sorry.

We’re all fine. Mayuki is still happy and lively, and her first molar has come through. I think her second is on the way; that would certainly explain the times she has been crying for no readily apparent reason. She’s very good at feeding herself with her fingers now, and getting good with the spoon, and still eats just about anything we do. She also has a few words that she uses in context, and clearly understands a lot more, so she seems to be developing right on schedule. She does really like her DVDs, though; we have to make a determined effort to keep her away from them.

Tokyo is having good weather today, and after a few rainy days a week or so ago that’s been fairly constant. Yuriko’s kimono course is going well; they’ve just had their first exam, which she thinks she passed. I have very nearly as many students as I would like, and the number of readers of Tamao seems to be going up, so that’s looking pretty good at the moment.

So, another reason I’ve not posted anything is that not a great deal has happened. Even the erupting volcano only left us with a fine coating of ash on the balcony.



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