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Mayuki is advertising Pentax cameras again. Once again, the videos were taken by Sonoe. Yes, this time it’s videos, because the camera in question has video built in. The video is also embedded in this entry, but the one on the Pentax site seems to be better quality, if a little slow to download and thus a bit choppy on playback. I’m afraid I appear in a few scenes; try not to let it upset you too much. The videos were taken a few weeks ago, so they’re not too far from what Mayuki is like right now.

In the scene with the spoon, when she taps her cheek, she’s using the Baby Sign for “tasty!”. I think she was eating creme caramel at that point, which would explain it.






7 responses to “Video of Mayuki”

  1. joy avatar

    Is this just way too cute!!!! I’ve looked at this short video about 10 times now…. And she just gets cuter by the minute. I just love it!!!!! Thank you David, for putting it on your blog…. can’t wait to tell all the others!!!

  2. Sheila avatar

    Totemo kawaii!
    Thank you for sharing that. I don’t mind at all seeing you in it, David, although it is a pity they cut your head off. Having you there, standing behind her, makes Mayuki seem very tiny, of course, which I imagine was intentional.

  3. joy avatar

    About the 30th time I’ve watched this video!!! When I need a little pick-me-up, I seek it out to watch Mayuki smile AT ME (forget the rest of you out there…. !) And there she is, dancing, smiling, just being her cute self!!!! I just love this video! I even find myself humming the tune during the course of the day!! Thank You Mayuki for making my days brighter!!

  4. joy avatar

    Hi David!
    It’s Holly. My mom just showed me this stinkin’ ADORABLE video. She is so beautiful. I can;t wait to see her in person. John-John just watched it about 7 times, and after it ended would say, “Again.” So, of course, we played it again. He said “bye-bye, baby” when we closed laptop. Say hi to Mayuki and Yuriko. Can’t wait to see you all at Christmas.
    Hol xxx

  5. David Chart avatar
    David Chart

    Hi Holly.

    Glad you and John-John like the video. Mayuki always wants to watch it multiple times as well. I think that’s slightly more worrying, actually.

    We’re also looking forward to seeing you in person. Let’s hope the children don’t fight. Nor the grandchildren…


  6. Carin avatar

    Hello Mayuki,

    This is John. You have grown lots since I saw you here last summer.I saw your video and I might send you one of me. I am going to be in reception when I go back to school after the summer holidays. I will come and see you in Japan soon. Please come to my house to play whenever you like.
    xxxxxx John

  7. David Chart avatar
    David Chart

    Hello John,

    This is Mayuki. Please come to see me in Japan, and I will go to your house to play as soon as Mama and Daddy will let me. I want to see a video of you, too.

    xxxxxx Mayuki

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