Goth Girl

Mayuki has recently started insisting on choosing her own clothes to wear. Putting her in other things causes a tantrum and a bad mood, so unless she, for example, chooses two pairs of trousers and tries to wear one pair on her head, I tend to let her. Save my energy for the important battles. Anyway, today she chose black trousers and a black top; obviously this is her aunt’s influence. However, I’m not sure who is responsible for the choice of pink socks and yellow wellies to complete the ensemble.

We were going to the park, where Mayuki got very into blowing soap bubbles. I think she must have spent about an hour doing it. When I suggested we go home, she said “There’s still some left!” (That’s much shorter in Japanese, well within a two-year-old’s capacity.) Still, finally the solution ran out, helped by her spilling a bit, so we did get home.

I know I’ve not written much on this blog recently; just too busy. I’ve got several things to write about, as well, so it’s really just a matter of finding time. At this rate I’ll do lots of updates over the Christmas holidays.






2 responses to “Goth Girl”

  1. joy avatar

    You are going to be WAY to busy to do any updates over the Christmas Holidays!!!!

  2. Aunty Silver avatar
    Aunty Silver

    Go Mayuki!! You make your Aunty very proud 🙂 (We need to have a word about the pink socks, though…)

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