Mayuki’s Patience

Mayuki is learning to be patient. There have been a couple of telling incidents recently.

The first was a few days ago, when I was playing with her, and she wanted to watch one of her videos. I wanted to read a book with her first, but she was insistent on watching the video. So I said “Let’s read the book first, and then watch the video.” Mayuki agreed and we read the book together. As soon as we’d finished, she jumped up and said “Now video!”. But she did read through the whole book with me first.

The second was yesterday, when I needed to go to the convenience store, and decided to take Mayuki with me. Before we left, I told her that we weren’t going to buy her favourite pudding today, so she had to stay with me in the shop, and she agreed. What’s more, in the shop she did wait with me while I used the ATM and picked up my shopping, and she didn’t go off hunting for the pudding. I was really quite impressed.

I’ve been both busy and tired recently, which is why the blog has been slightly neglected. I really need to think about whether I have enough time and energy to keep up blogs in both English and Japanese, to be honest.






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  1. Sheila avatar

    Good to see that Mayuki is learning so well. Perhaps she’ll learn patience now, then forget it in her teens 🙂
    Thinking of blogs, may I suggest, if your need to practice writing in Japanese frequently is greater than your need to let family and friends know what you are up to via a shared medium (as opposed to individual emails) then maintain that one.

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