All Change

The actual physical move is almost upon us. The removals company will come on Sunday to pack all of our things up, and our air conditioners will be moved on the same day. On Monday, our things will be moved to the new flat, and we’ll hand over the keys to this one to the new owners.

Also next week, or maybe the week after, Yuriko will start her new job, at a kimono rental shop. That will probably mean that the days Mayuki is in day care will change, and the school where she takes her music classes is also likely to change.

Fortunately, my job won’t change much; I’ll just teach my students in the new flat.

All these changes are, of course, keeping me quite busy, and I’ll blame them for the lack of interesting articles on this blog.






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  1. Sheila avatar

    Good luck with the move. Please send your new address when you can.

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